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Website Design and Development and Social Media

Str2gy.biz: Web Builder Site

Work in Progress: There are many website builders out there, but they aren't always easy, and they aren't often free.
For clients that don't want a custom website design and find these "free" templates confusing, this service will build your website on squarespace or wix and truly take the hassle out of it.


Tara Brach Website

Tara Brach is a well known author, psychologist and insight meditation teacher. We were very pleased to be asked to redesign her website and book cover designs.


Beth Levine Counseling

 Beth Levine is a psychotherapist who has grown her business significantly by moving to a  responsive website design. Visible on all devices, whether a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


Iceland Cloud Services

 Given the free geothermal energy and natural cooling of the environment it seemed natural for Iceland to develop their own green cloud service data centers. This startup needed a website that looked very different from the competition.


Nahrain Group

This company supports DoD logistics, training, app development and international consulting around the world. They specialize in scenario based personnel training for hazardous, disaster and mass casualty events.


Objects & Co

We were approached by a well known interior designer in New York, to help build a proof-of-concept prototype retail e-commerce website that would offer his large collection of objects for sale online. Since his taste is so well defined, designing a site that would match his minimal style and color palette was very important. We are quite pleased with our efforts, especially in the virtual living room animation that allows you so select an object and see its purchase detail page.

Snyder | Kearney Law Firm

Realizing that nobody will purchase your services if they don't know you're their this group of attorneys asked us to rebrand their company and roll it out in a responsive website. Using a template site builder we heavily customized an existing template until it became uniquely theirs.


How it all works together. Synergy is the key.

Web design and development, both front end and back end, UX and UI have been a specialty of ours since 1994. Our services include everything web: We’ll design you a basic site, or one that allows for secure transactions. Whether you’re simply looking for a social media presence,  cool eye candy or a place where people can get things done, we’ll help you. We’ve built e-commerce shopping websites, enterprise wide intranets, business,  scientific and consumer sites, healthcare and psychologist websites, restaurants and retail and everything in between. Whatever your goal is on the internet, we can help you achieve a significant presence in today’s rapidly evolving new media.

Search Engine Optimization, the other important part of website development Forget all the wango-tango promises made by SEO “consultants” that want thousands per month to keep your site “on top of google!” Here’s the secret. Google likes simple. Period. Google likes content. Period. If you can keep your code simple and provide good, relevant content, you’re just about all the way there. It’s called on-page SEO. There are few things we can do in the background to help Google find your site, but they are just common sense coding.

One thing to remember though, that many are not familiar with is that you really have TWO audiences for your website, the search engines, and your audience. So embedded in your content should be what we call “machine language,” that is, terms and keywords that Google recognizes and can help your audience find you. But surprisingly, that’s not always the best language for your audiences. But that takes us into the storytelling that is good marketing and advertising, and that is ANOTHER story….

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