Great Meadow Foundation Branding Project

Very large display poster for the Saturday night Twilight Polo games at Great Meadow

Great Meadow Collectible Poster Series Design

Great Meadow Equestrian Center in The Plains, VA, is not only famous as the home of the Virginia Gold Cup Steeplechase Races, but for their local display of fireworks on the 4th of July, and recently their Saturday Night Twilight Polo Family Fun Night.

Rob Banner, President, asked us to help create and design a new brand and develop promotional and marketing material to build awareness of GMF as a “destination.” We decided to develop an artisanal typographic vintage style for their collateral marketing materials. This approach pays homage to the long history of equine sports in Virginia, and besides, Rob said, “just be creative as hell, you know what you’re doing. Just make us a household word.

On an interesting note, several stores and distribution centers requested more posters because customers were either stealing the posters or asking for personal copies to hang in their homes. Like Frito Lay chips, we’ll just have to make more!

Review of Tim Kenney Marketing

Creativity pours off Tim like water. The added benefit is he is expert in the technical aspects of every medium and stays current with the trends whether it’s web design, electronic promotion, or advertising. He surrounds himself with like minded people causing the operation to work with great speed and success. If he doesn’t know the answer, Tim researches the question fully and reports back with full findings, but generally, he knows the answer. Trust him.

Robert Banner

President, Great Meadow Foundation

As an offshoot to the branding and marketing effort, Rob asked us to create some posters for his Saturday Night Twilight Polo games. A popular family and picnic style gathering.